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Dog Breeding - Progesterone Tests #4 (split heat cycle)

May 9th, 2010 · 3 Comments

Written by: Cindy Jacobs (Cyd)

Ok I learned a new term today from the vet “split heat cycle“… oh and that was because Candy’s Saturday test came back at .5 so we are below the surge  hahahaha  sheeesh!  (David you never told me all this stuff..about breeding…did you want me just to experience it and learn on my own?) hahaha.  The vet said it looks like we may have a split heat cycle going on!  I said what the heck is that!  It is funny to me now…but not to funny at the time.  I talked to the vet about all my girls coming into heat…even my pup when she just turned 8 month drawn in by Brandy.  Candy however has been very precise and has come into heat every 5 months since I got her till this heat.  Brandy however comes into heat all the time… as in if there is any bleeding (after Candy had her pups last year even) Brandy will come into heat again…and that was just 3 months after being in heat.  Candy never does that usually… she stays right on her timing till this heat… I expected Candy to come into heat… May 10th - 15th… but she was drawn in early with Brandy and Brena… a first for Candy.

I also talked to the vet about Parker my male, as he was actually more interested in Candy Monday thru Thursday… and things slacked off  a bit with Parker… he isn’t acting the same all the sudden or what I would have expected by Friday and Saturday.  Was Leerburg right or was something else going on here?... Parker was bringing us the kong ball play… but still was always checking Candy each time she went out and came in just as if she is just now coming into heat… so I know it isn’t over.  The vet felt Parker is moving right along with the tests…. and I was now instructed to bring Candy back on Tuesday or Wednesday for another test….UNLESS  .. Parker said to get her here sooner.  hahaha

So back to internet research….on a new term…lots of reading out there, but basically a split heat cycle is a stall and dogs are different with it… some go completely out of heat and come back in up to 2 months later… some basically have extended heats…. and that is what I think Candy’s is, she this time, is one of the dogs that will not ovulate for 20 days or more.  I am actually glad she did this… as if I would have had to make that trip on Monday… I would have had to drive an extra 4 hours making my trip 13 hours one way to where this dog would be for a couple days… so this ended up being a blessing to me, 9 hours is long enough.  Many people without waiting have ended up driving all that way and end up with a dog not PG, that is why the vet says don’t even leave for the trip till the dog has hit 5.0, and I have talked to some breeders that want it higher than that… in the 6.something.

Is it worth it? Well for me it will be, I get to visit my sister, and I have the “I wants” I want a female to raise, train, title, and breed out of this litter and hope to get that for myself…. But again only time will tell.

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  • 1 Amy // May 10, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Wow, who knew there would be so much involved. Is the difficulty because you have so many females living together? Having only the one, Anika’s heat cycle was in and out like clockwork.

  • 2 Cindy Jacobs (Cyd) // May 10, 2010 at 8:23 am

    For me it seems to be adding the 3rd female… Candy never seemed to care with Brandy before… but this was something I did find… and yes seems to happen with several females living together.

    “When dogs are housed together, bitches often cycle at the same time. This phenomenon is also observed in female wolves. In wolf packs, only the highest-ranking female is bred and delivers young. Other females in the pack are not bred, but they do ovulate right along with the alpha female, have the same long diestral phase (period of high progesterone levels), produce milk, and serve as “nurse maids” to the wolf cubs once they are born. This ensures survival of the cubs in the event of the demise of their birth mother. This is also the reason false pregnancy occurs fairly commonly in the bitch when it is a rarely seen in other species. In other species, including the human (you’ve all heard the college dormitory tales), females cycle together but the diestral period is short unless pregnancy actually occurs. In the bitch, false pregnancy, occurring as a result of the long period of high progesterone, is a normal hormonal event.”

  • 3 Cindy Jacobs (Cyd) // May 10, 2010 at 8:34 am

    Also with Lacy gone there is a play for alpha bitch in the house… and Brandy has been trying to chase Parker away from Brena, and Candy… she has also started biting at Candy when Candy comes in and out… so I am on top of that all the time… I now separate them before letting Candy in and out so Brandy is not around… is it a play for alpha bitch? I think it is… Bob laughs and says well let them both enjoy themselves for now… Brena will be dominant in this house when she is mature LOL That pup is something else!

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